Specialists in musculoskeletal and thyroid ultrasound and injections

Morgan Cartoon was established to fill the need for a specialised service in musculoskeletal ultrasound and injections and ultrasound of the thyroid and neck as well as ultrasound guided biopsies of the thyroid.

Our goal is to operate a small specialist radiology practice committed to providing the highest level of patient service and care.

Patients have the reassurance of knowing that scanning and procedures will be performed only by either Dr Morgan or Dr Cartoon both of whom have performed thousands of ultrasound guided procedures over the last 20 years.

Patients and referring doctors will appreciate the benefit of having procedures performed by dedicated experienced radiologists, focused only on performing these procedures, freed from other reporting responsibility.

Dr Morgan and Dr Cartoon are known for treating patients in a caring, friendly and non-rushed manner and are radiologists who are well regarded for performing successful procedures in as pain free and stress free manner as possible.

Dr Peter Morgan

Peter has been doing musculoskeletal imaging and image guided injections/procedures for over 20 years as a partner with Perth Imaging and for the last 10 years with Perth Radiological Clinic.

His focus is on accurate needle tip placement with minimal patient stress and discomfort using fastidious aseptic technique.
    Stephen has over 20 years experience as a radiologist in private practice in Perth. Stephen has a special interest in musculoskeletal (MSK) and neck Ultrasound. He has performed thousands of successful Ultrasound guided injections and biopsies.

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