Dr Peter Morgan

Dr Peter Morgan



    Peter gained both electronic engineering and medical degrees at the University of Western Australia.

    Whilst working as a medical officer at Royal Perth Hospital he was accepted into the Radiology training program.

    After completion of his radiology training he was offered a fellowship in thoracic radiology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    This fellowship was extended for a further 12 months while he undertook further training in both chest and musculoskeletal radiology.

    He subsequently returned to Milwaukee for further training in musculoskeletal Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

    In Perth Peter worked as a consultant radiologist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, was a Partner with Perth Imaging and continued with Perth Radiological Clinic following the sale of Perth Imaging to Perth Radiological Clinic.

    He has been a radiologist with Perth Radiological Clinic for the last 10 years.

    Peter is not keen on personal discomfort himself and attempts to perform procedures with minimal patient discomfort, concentrating on accurate needle tip placement and strict aseptic technique.

    He is a sporting enthusiast. As a keen tennis and hockey player he understands how frustrating it can be when musculoskeletal injury, degenerative or inflammatory conditions impact on our sporting pursuits or activities of daily living.